Light Medium Duty Casters - 3

  • Zinc plated standard
  • Swivel - Double ball bearing with hardened raceways for extra strength
  • Axel-3/8" daimeter bolt with lock nut
  • Brake system can be activated by upper or side brake
  • Loading capacity(4 casters):200kg-400kg

Top plate size and bolt hole specifications

Wheel size Wheel widtd Material Wheel height Order Number


Wheel Type
Swivel Fixed Swivel&Brake Can be used with the corner plate code
Swivel & Brake Double Brake System
64 32 Rubber 90 ML-200601S ML-200601R ML-200601-1   A
Plastic 90 ML-200603S ML-200603R ML-200603-1  
Cast iron 90 ML-200606S ML-200606R ML-200606-1  
3" 75 32 Rubber 107 ML-301501S ML-301501R ML-301501-1 ML-301501-3 A、B、G
Plastic 107 ML-301506S ML-301506R ML-301506-1 ML-301506-3
Cast iron 107 ML-301511S ML-301511R ML-301511-1 ML-301511-2
Polyurethane on 107 ML-301516S ML-301516R ML-301516-1 ML-301516-2
Plastic PPU 107 ML-301515S ML-301515R ML-301515-1 ML-301515-2
SantopreneTPR 107 ML-301509S ML-301509R ML-301509-1 ML-301509-2
Nylon 107 ML-301518S ML-301518R ML-301518-1 ML-301518-2
4" 100 32 Rubber 128 ML-400101S ML-400101R ML-400101-1   A、B、C、D、E、F、G、H、I
Plastic 128 ML-400116S ML-400116R ML-400116-1  
Cast iron 128 ML-400113S ML-400113R ML-400113-1  
Santoprene TPR 128 ML-400118S ML-400118R ML-400118-1  
Nylon 128 ML-400105S ML-400105R ML-400105-1  
5" 125 32 Rubber 150 ML-500108S ML-500108R ML-500108-1   A、B、C、D、E、F、G、I
Plastic 150 ML-500107S ML-500107R ML-500107-1  
Santoprene TPR 150 ML-500101S ML-500101R ML-500101-1  
Nylon 150 ML-500104S ML-500104R ML-500104-1