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The caster's type
1. Fixed wheel: walk straight (forward and backward)
2. Swival wheel: can rotate 360 degrees
3. Swival wheels with brakes:
Side brakes-let the tripod clamp the axles, and use friction to fix the wheels.
Rear brakes-apply pressure on the surface of the wheel from behind the caster, and use friction to fix the wheels.

The main material of our casters
The main material properties of our casters are as follows:

PP Caster:
It is a cheaper material, heat-resistant and chemically stable, usually tough, and flexible, water-resistant, and resistant to chemicals, and is suitable for objects with little movement. Disadvantages: The ability to resist ultraviolet rays is poor, so when PP is exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to crack.

Nylon Caster: One of the most common types, with good cold resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance. But because it is harder, it is easy to damage the ground (such as wooden floor), and the traveling noise is louder. It’s more suitable for use on grindstone floors or rougher floors, and it is less likely to accumulate dust.

Rubber Caster: It’s the most common wheel material. The push is silent and the operation feels flexible, and the mobility is better, but the oil resistance is not good.

Plastic Caster: There is a sound when pushing, which is lighter than rubber casters and wear-resistant is good.

PU Caster: The material is soft, suitable for wooden floors, and it is silent to push. It is characterized by light weight, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, and chemical resistance, but it is expensive and not resistant to high temperatures.

TPR Caster: Utilizing the unique soft touch of TPR, it can be used for tool handles, grips, electronic materials, and sports equipment encapsulation to give products a certain cushioning performance. At the same time, it is also a material often used for medical instrument wheels, which makes it relatively silent when moving.

Galvanized iron: Suitable for humid and acidic environment.

Electric Conductive Caster: Eliminate static electricity by passing current.

Bakelite Caster: Has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Soft Rubber Caster: It has good shock absorption and cushioning for driving, which can provide floor protection and quiet rolling operation. If the nail can be pressed into the tread of the caster, it is a soft rubber caster. 

Hard Rubber Caster:With strong hard rubber tread and core, it can provide high impact strength. Because the caster tread is very hard, it will not compress under heavy loads, making it easy to roll and increase the load-bearing capacity. If your fingernails cannot press into the tread of the caster, it is a hard rubber caster. 

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